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June 6, 2013

Little Food Adventures Diary #2: Upcoming & a Meat Shirt!

          Me and the peeps have been sickies since last week, so my new food post has been slow in the making. It's got to do with sugar cookies though, which is the last post that went up (the basic cut out cookie recipe). I've got several foods waiting in the wings (pictures below as proof) but it's been tough focusing on writing and editing photos, etc. being sick and with a sick Smalls. But expect a post tomorrow or Friday and more next week!

          While sick I did draw a large piece of meat, reminiscent of the monster meat from the "Monster Hunter" games, and put it on a shirt, etc. "Soo tasty!" (click the image below to go to my shop). At first I thought of it as a Father's Day present for B (because I'm making something MH related for him for dinner that day) but then I thought, "wait, I don't think I want to advertise my husband as a hunk of tasty meat." And I think it would make B blush to wear it in public, sooo, I present it to YOU, who may have no shame. (Honestly, if I found a cute skirt to match and was in a sassy mood, I'd totally wear it. It makes me laugh.)

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