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May 1, 2018


Bam! Pow! May is #FoodinComics month!

((I thought of calling it ComicComestibles but...😅 simple and to the point won.))

       Each month there is a special fandom food themed link-up hosted by a member of the Fandom Foodies group (which is open to anyone who loves food in fiction!). Last month was #MagicalRealFood hosted by Megan over at The Hungry Bookworm.

       The month of May is all about eats found in the pages of comics, including graphic novels, manga, manwha, and webcomics. Share your yummy creations using the hashtag #foodincomics. Everyone is welcome to participate! If you're not recipe savvy, scroll down below the link-up for ideas on other ways to get involved.

How to Participate in the Recipe Link-up: 
Make a dish that is directly from the pages of a comicinspired by a comic series, inspired by a comic character, or even turning something non-food from a comic into something edible in real life (like Koalipops' infinity gauntlet cake)!
*Food from movie, television, and video game adaptations is fine as long as the food is also found in the comics (ex. the Avengers' shawarma did make its way into the comics even though it started as something purely for the movie).

Share your recipe on a social media platform like a blog, tumblr, Instagram, etc.
If your recipe is adapted from someone else's, make sure you give credit to the source in your post.
When sharing your recipe, include the hashtag #foodincomics and tag @fandomfoodies (instagram) or @fandom_foodies (twitter). Tag me (@fictionfood) too if you'd like! I'd love to be notified of what you make. :)

Add your recipe link to the link-up below!
*If you have previously made recipes that fit the bill, feel free to add them to the link-up, too!

Ideas for Other Ways to Participate in #foodincomics:
 Read some foodie comics! Examples are Space Battle Lunchtime, Shokugeki no Soma/Food Wars, Chew, Sweetness & Lightning, Nutmeg, Relish, Oishinbo, Rutabaga the Adventure Chef, Delicious in Dungeon–there are just so many! Explore something new! If you have a favorite, comment below. Highlight the comics on your social media with #foodincomics.

 Share pics of the food you find in the non-food-themed comics you read (like Usagi drooling over Makoto's homemade bento in the Sailor Moon manga). It's fun to see the context and portrayal of food in any kind of story! Share the photos with #foodincomics.

 Make your own fan art related to food found in comics or of comic characters with food. If you're comfortable, share it online using #foodincomics.

 Adapt a recipe into comic form, meaning, make an illustrated, sequential comic of the steps of a recipe (an example of this is Cook Korean by Robin Ha) and share it online with #foodincomics  giving credit if it's not an original recipe.

 Eat a food found in a comic (like, you're reading Cucumber Quest: The Doughnut Kingdom and eating a doughnut or a cucumber sandwich! Or reading an Archie comic and eating a big ol' burger and shake!). Share a pic tagging #foodincomics!

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