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September 1, 2018

#ForestFete Recipe Link-Up!

          Happy September, y'all! The Fall feels are in the air, whether it be outside temperature, coffee shop offerings, or simply a state-of mind. So I thought I'd host another Fandom Foodies recipe link-up to go along with those vibes! Last month for August Maja over at The Ancient One's Baking & Cooking Blog hosted #FarmingFeast, and I feel that taking a little walk over to the woods would be a nice companion link-up. :) A fête (pronounced fayt) is a celebration, so a forest fête is a celebration of forests and trees! (Haha, or in a forest. We could consider the internet a virtual forest...)

          Share your recipes inspired by foods or characters from fiction that relate to a forest or trees in some way. You can make a recipe inspired by a character; some examples of characters that live in a forest or have something to do with trees are Robin Hood, Ewoks, Totoro, David the Gnome, Squirrel Nutkin, Ents (well, they are trees), Slender Man, Johnny Appleseed. You can also recreate a food directly from fiction, meaning if there's a food in a book, movie, or TV show that relates to a forest or trees, or even a single important tree, then you can recreate it and share it! E.g. does a character go foraging in the forest, eat a meal in the forest, is the show/etc. centered around a forest or tree, or does a tree or trees play an important part?

How to Participate:
Post your recipe online on your blog, instagram, tumblr, etc.
 Use the hashtag #ForestFete when sharing on your social media.
 The recipe must be your own creation. Do not submit others' work.
 If your recipe is adapted or based on someone else's recipe, simply say so in your post.
 Share the link below in the link-up! You can add as many as you'd like.

#ForestFete Recipe Link-up!

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