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March 10, 2014

Breakfast Turtles from "Raising Hope"

"Ohh, sweet! You made breakfast turtles!"
          Fox's "Raising Hope" is one of the shows B and I enjoy watching together. We always get a laugh and it's refreshing to watch a show that's not hung up on itself and doesn't rely on sex and raunchy-ness and drama to move forward. It's simple and wacky family life and humorous pokes at this and that in society. And I love Burt and Virginia's relationship; they're husband and wife and best buds and can get through anything with their marriage and selves intact. It's just NICE to have a show like that. And throughout the show we get a look at their parenting ways--often atrocious if done in real life (which is sometimes the point)—including their food rituals/habits and meals. One memorable dish is Virginia's breakfast turtles in "Dead Tooth" (s. 1, ep. 2). The only thing said about them is by Jimmy (the grownup son/single father of baby Hope): "ohh, sweet! You made breakfast turtles!" (to which Virginia adds, "and they're a good batch too"). Jimmy's excitement implies not only that his mom has made these meaty little guys before, but also that they're special to him (and that he's a big kid). That's one of the beautiful things about this show; that simple things are valuable if they've got love behind them. And this endearingly nutty family has a lot of love.

Note: You can also make turtle burgers by using ground beef instead of sausage & adding an optional slice of cheese inside the patty or on top of it, under the bacon weave. Very yum, and so funny in a bun (the little legs & head sticking out)!

Virginia Chance's Breakfast Turtles

1 16 oz. log/roll Ground Sausage
1 pkg. Regular or Thin Cut Bacon, strips cut in half width-wise
1 pkg. Hotdogs (slim/skinny kind)

Important Items:
Wire Rack(s)
Aluminum Foil
Baking Tray

1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Line your baking tray with foil & then place the wire rack (or two) on top & set aside. Shape 4-5 patties from the ground sausage & place them on a plate (for the time being). Make a weave from the half strips of bacon over the patty tops using 2 strips one way & 3 the other (see image). Fold the ends around the sides & tuck underneath the patty.
2. Using 1 hotdog per patty, cut each hotdog into 3 equal segments. Cut 2 of the segments (the center piece & one of the ends) in 1/2 down the length, resulting in 4 pieces. Lay these pieces cut side down (round side up) & make 3 small cuts in 1 end of each piece, making little turtle toes! In the last hotdog segment, make a small cut in the rounded end; this will be the mouth, & then use a toothpick to poke 2 little holes above the mouth to create tiny eyes. Slice the end of this hotdog segment diagonally as shown in the image. The resulting triangle-ish piece will be the tail. Gently push the cut hotdog pieces between the bacon weave strips & into the sausage patties as shown, creating meaty little turtles with a head, tail, and feet! Re-form the bacon around the hotdog pieces if needed.
3. Carefully transfer the turtles to the wire rack over the foil-lined tray. Place in the preheated oven & bake for about 40 mins, flipping the turtles 1/2 way through (20 mins.). If the bacon is not done to your liking once the time is up, simply broil the tops & bottoms of the turtles for a minute or 2. Pat with paper towels to absorb some of the grease. Serve with scrambled eggs & a piece of toast cut in half.

* FYI: I'll be making Burt's sausage log cabin from s. 2, ep. 2 at some point! * 

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  1. can u make the ashes to mashes dust to crust casserole from season 4 hot dish episode


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