Monday, May 23, 2016

Beef Goulash | Daughter of Smoke & Bone

          As mentioned in my previous post for cream horns from Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke & Bone, here's the promised goulash! It's been raining all month here so goulash seemed like a good fit.

          The main setting for DoSaB is Prague, which is the capitol of the Czech Republic where goulash is a super common and hearty dish found in pretty much every restaurant and pub. In the novel, the main character Karou and her best friend Zuzana often enjoy goulash at a special hangout called "Poison Kitchen". The café, accessible through an ancient graveyard, was converted from monk's quarters previously attached to a church that burned down some 300 years prior. The story goes that one monk went insane and killed his companions by poisoning their goulash; hence the café's name. It's decorated with real skulls, old statues, coffins as tables, and WWI gas masks. Two years before the novel begins, Karou and Zuzana, both new art students at the time, were asked to paint skeletons on toilets in the bathroom. They were paid in suppers for a month, and were regulars ever since.

"Fine. Okay. I'm dying for some goulash.
Get it? Dying. Ha ha."

–Zuzana, Chap. 10, Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor

Monday, May 16, 2016

Magical "Everything" Cookies | Truthwitch

          Today's recipe is different from my usual in that instead of being a food from a book, it's what the author said the book would be if it was a food. :)

          Back in February (2016) I had the opportunity to meet young adult author Susan Dennard (Something Strange & Deadly series, Witchlands series) as part of Tor Teen's #TruthRider tour. My go-to question at author events is; "If your book was a food, what would it be?" (if you follow me on Twitter, you'll have seen my tweets of the authors' responses), and Susan, being the adorable human being that she is, said her most recent novel Truthwitch would be some sort of cookie, because that's what she calls her books, or rather, her books are full of "magical cookies"; moments and sparks in the story that made her want to keep writing it (so scenes, relationships, feelings, etc. Check out Susan's writing advice for more about this cookie concept). Also her "resources for writers" menu tab is labeled "Cookie-Warrior". I love it.

"The magical cookies or cookie scenes are what I call those sparks in a story that makes you WANT to write."

Monday, May 9, 2016

Choco-Chip Pancakes | King's Quest: Once Upon a Climb

          I love the new King's Quest game from The Odd Gentlemen! A few days ago I finished the most recent installment, "Once Upon a Climb" (chapter 3), and it was lovely! King Graham revealed the one dish that he's adept at making, though at the time, he was trapped in a tower and unable to make it.

"All I knew how to make was choco-chip pancakes,
and I didn't see any choco-chips."

–King Graham, "King's Quest: Once Upon a Climb"

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