Monday, April 25, 2016

Omelette w/ Truffle Oil | Lucifer (FOX)

"I hope you don't mind but I made a little brekkie.
You were taking forever in the shower."

–Lucifer, S1, Ep4 "Lucifer" (FOX)

But prefers cool ranch ;)
          "Lucifer" on FOX, loosely adapted from the character created by Neil Gaiman in his The Sandman comic series, has hands-down been one of my favorite shows this television season. It's the show I keep bringing up to my friends. Tom Ellis, who plays the title character, does an excellent job at being charming, disarming, sexy, and even goofy, but his real talent is portraying the "otherness" of the Devil-left-home. The wild eyes, the tilted morality, the different perception of the world and people around him. The show is about Lucifer leaving Hell and progressively becoming more human while he helps solve murders with a no-craps giving lady detective (who becomes a big enigma as the story progresses), but the engrossing under-layer of the show is Lucifer's ancient struggle of finding his place and feeling accepted and understood. That might sound sappy, but the coupling of that so-basic and universal human search with a powerful being from the beginning of time with a penchant for punishment is what makes it so dang intriguing. I'm so sad that the season ends tonight! But soo happy that it's already been picked up for season two. ^__^ #TeamLucifer

"Do you have any truffle oil?"

"Lucifer, get out of my house, now."

–Lucifer & Chloe, S1, Ep4 "Lucifer" (FOX)

Monday, April 18, 2016

Bacon Cinnamon Buns | Carry On

          I can't help it. I had to re-visit Rainbow Rowell's young adult, fantasy romance Carry On to do another food. There's just so much of it in this story!

        I raise my eyebrows, and he laughs. "Calm down, miracle boy, I'm still a vampire––you still smell like bacon and homemade cinnamon buns."
      "How can I smell like bacon and homemade cinnamon buns?"
      "You smell like something I'd gladly eat."
–Chapter 71, Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Monday, April 11, 2016

Butterfly Cupcakes | Cinderella (2015)

          Haha, oh man, I've been sitting on this recipe for such a long time! I'm not really sure how that happened ;). These cupcakes are inspired by Disney's live-action "Cinderella" which was in theaters this time last year. It's Spring once again, so it's a good time to finally share them!
          Carrie and I did a Fiction Kitchen Podcast episode in-which we discuss the 2015 film along with several other iterations of the fairy tale (you can listen to the episode here), and I made a few inspired foods including little pumpkin pot pies, tea-time picnic sandwiches, a scene-inspired teacup mouse table, and these decorated cupcakes to go along with the blue butterfly motif that pervades the film and the puffy clouds from the very beginning of the movie with baby Ella and her mom (Hayley Atwell!). Both the butterflies and the clouds Ella's little baby hands point at represent her innocence and wonder which never leave her even after the hard experiences she goes through as she grows up. The butterflies in particular make several appearances in the film and symbolize the subtle magic (seeming and real) that flows throughout Ella's story.

"When there is kindness, there is goodness. When there is goodness, there is magic."
–Ella's Mother, "Cinderella" (2015)

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