Monday, June 20, 2016

Café Diary #6: Goodbye Post Schedule + Where to Find Me

          Hi, all! I hope this Summertime is treating you well. This update is in part to let you know that I'm discontinuing the every Monday recipe post schedule. I'll still be making fandom/fiction foods (my brain won't let me stop!), but at least for the time being there won't be set schedule.

          I started the once-a-week schedule officially a couple of years ago (though I was posting at least once a week since the blog started in 2013) to give myself more structure (a weekly goal) and to pace myself (from doing too much!). Combined with my other endeavors and responsibilities though, the weekly post schedule has become pretty stressful; it's so time and energy consuming–time and energy I can't afford to stretch so thin anymore (as Bilbo said, like "butter scraped over too much bread").

          For those who subscribe to my newsletter, you'll still receive an email when a new recipe is up on the blog, it just won't be weekly as it has been. Also, when the newsletter arrives, it won't necessarily be on a Monday, it'll be whatever day the recipe is posted.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Knedle (Plum Dumplings) | Houdini & Doyle

          I've really been enjoying the new FOX show "Houdini & Doyle", starring Michael Weston as Harry Houdini and Stephen Mangum as Arthur Conan Doyle. It's a historical fiction drama that follows the friendship of these two famous characters, the former a spiritual sceptic and the later a hoper and believer in the beyond, as they help solve crimes for Scotland Yard. "Houdini & Doyle" is a joint British, Canadian, and American production and it's only 10 episodes long for the first season–I hope it gets a season 2 order!

          Last Monday's episode, titled "The Monsters of the Nethermoor" (S1EP6), saw Houdini enjoying some homemade knedle (roughly pronounced "k-ned-luh"), a Central and Eastern European potato dumpling with a plum center, from an elderly Slavic woman named Marta (Martha). Having been born in Budapest, Hungary, it was a real treat for Harry.

Marta: Houdini? What kind of a name is that?

Houdini: A stage name. I was born Erich Weiss.

Marta: A Jew. You must try my knedle.

Houdini: You make knedle?

Doyle: What's "knedlay"?

Houdini: Knedle. [takes bite] Perfect.

–"The Monsters of the Nethermoor", S1EP6, "Houdini & Doyle"

Monday, June 6, 2016

Chicken Biryani | Ms. Marvel

          I finally read the first volume of Ms. Marvel (2014), featuring the awesome Muslim, Pakistani-American teenager Kamala Khan! I've been wanting to read it for a couple of years now, but only just got to it thanks to the Ladies' Comic Club I'm in :).

          Ms. Marvel: No Normal starts off with the main character sniffing "delicious, delicious infidel meat" (aka bacon, on an "easy greasy BLT"). The story moves ahead with fries, what looks like possibly chicken biryani (inspiring this post), tea, orange juice, more chicken and rice, and a slew of fun background food boxes and bags like "Radoslav's Fantabulous Hakka" ("hakka" often refering to a style of veggie noddles), "GM-O's" and "Crumulant Crunch" cereals, and "Low Hanging Fruit Juice" made with "adequate apple" and "pedestrian pear". There's also a "Cobra Hot Sauce" and a few other fun things to discover in the background ;). I haven't read the other volumes yet, but I'm looking forward to it; for the story, the artwork, and more food surprises.

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