May 16, 2018

Tritae Treats (Grape Skewers) | Spera Comics

(#FoodinComics! Originally posted Jan. 2018 on Instagram @fictionfood.)

“...I found some things for us to eat.”
“What kind is that one?”
“Ah, that’s a tritae. It tastes sort of like a praying mantis.”

Spera Vol. 1, Ch. 1, written by Josh Tierney, illustrated by Kyla Vanderklugt

May 15, 2018

Hardtack | Compass South

*Another post for #foodincomics month!*
          If the all-ages, historical fiction graphic novel Compass South was a food, writer Hope Larson (A Wrinkle in Time graphic novel, Goldie Vance, Batgirl, etc.) said it'd be hardtack because it's non-perishable, and she hopes the story will last a long time too. :) ((This is part of @ifblankwasafood on Insta.))

May 4, 2018

MRAFKA GRORG (Thick Soup w/ "Tentacles") | Star Wars: Jedi Academy

*In celebration of Star Wars: May the Fourth, Children's Book Week, and #FoodinComics Month!*
"Students will enjoy trying new and unusual meals from all over the galaxy in the Jedi Temple Cafeteria."
Jedi Academy by Jeffrey Brown

May 1, 2018


Bam! Pow! May is #FoodinComics month!

((I thought of calling it ComicComestibles but...😅 simple and to the point won.))

       Each month there is a special fandom food themed link-up hosted by a member of the Fandom Foodies group (which is open to anyone who loves food in fiction!). Last month was #MagicalRealFood hosted by Megan over at The Hungry Bookworm.

       The month of May is all about eats found in the pages of comics, including graphic novels, manga, manwha, and webcomics. Share your yummy creations using the hashtag #foodincomics. Everyone is welcome to participate! If you're not recipe savvy, scroll down below the link-up for ideas on other ways to get involved.

April 30, 2018

Elotes, Agua Fresca, Fruit Salad, Banderillas | All the Crooked Saints

          She began to prepare food beneath her umbrellas, furiously, quickly; wanting to be able to deliver it before the radio show was over, before the others decided to go to bed. She heated up her skillet, and while she waited for that to be hot, she cut fat slices of watermelon and cucumbers and orange and squeezed lime on them, wiping the sprays of lime out of the corners of her eyes, and then she dashed chili powder and salt over them all. By then the skillet was hot enough for her to place as many fresh cobs of corn as she could fit into it. While the corn roasted, she cubed a fresh pineapple and added mint and sugar and more lime juice into the gaping mouth of the blender. While the blender ran in the background, she stirred together crema and guajillo chili pepper and mayonnaise and crumbled cotija cheese to make a thin sauce. She tore cilantro into fresh-scented shreds and added it to the bowl. Then, still waiting for the corn, she rapidly began to make colorful banderillas for those who didn't have a sweet tooth, spearing lip-puckering pickled gherkins, salty olives, and bright pickled red peppers. And finally, the corn was roasted and she transferred it to a platter and poured the crema and cheese over it.
          It had been only ten minutes since she had decided to prepare refreshments and now she had some fruit with chili and some savory banderillas and some elotes and some eye-opening agua fresca to wash it all down with. It was not perfect, but it was closer than anyone else in Bicho Raro could come to it.
All the Crooked Saints by Maggie Stiefvater

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