Monday, September 29, 2014

Grilled Cheese Deluxe from "Regular Show"

          In season 1, episode 7 of J. G. Quintel's "Regular Show" on Cartoon Network we are introduced to the glorious Grilled Cheese Deluxe from the local food joint, Cheezers. Rigby pilfers one of these bad boys from Benson, gets caught–after he and Mordecai have already taken bites–and is ordered to go to Cheezers to get Benson a new sandwich. Much lying ensues in Mordecai and Rigby's efforts to outdo one another, resulting in unstable antimatter in an astronaut compound (FYI: astronauts can go to the front of the line at Cheezers because they fought for our country). The Grilled Cheese Deluxe plays a major role in solving the antimatter issue and Benson does get a replacement sandwich by the end of the episode, albeit a less than pristine one.

(video from CartoonNetworkAfrica)

This post goes out to Hi'D Nagadome who requested something from "Regular Show".

Cheezer's Grilled Cheese Deluxe

Ingredients (per 1 sandwich):
2 Large Sourdough Bread Slices
2 Tbsp. Salted Butter, melted
Mayonnaise (optional)
2 Muenster Cheese Slices
2 Sharp Cheddar Slices (white or orange, either is fine)
1 Thin Swiss Cheese Slice (optional)
2 Stuffed Green Olives
(The ones pictured are stuffed with feta but you can get pimento stuffed or whatever you'd like.)

Important Items:
Pastry Brush
2 Toothpicks

1. Heat a large pan on medium high. Using a pastry brush, lightly butter both sides of the bread slices OR only butter 1 side of both slices & then brush the other side with mayo. Lay the slices in the pan & cook until all sides are golden. Reduce the heat to low & layer on 2 slices of muenster, 1 optional slice of swiss, & 2 slices of cheddar (if you used mayo, make the mayo sides the inside of the sandwich). Cover the pan & cook until the cheese is softened & a little bit melty & the bread is golden brown, about 3-4 mins. Remove from pan.
2. Cut the sandwich in half, skewer 2 green olives with toothpicks, & then stick them in the top center of the sandwich halves. Eat with your best bud while watching funny internet videos (but not the ostrich thing with the balls, man.)

* Stay Tuned for The Sandwich of Death! *
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