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March 1, 2014

Little Food Adventures Diary #4: Cookbooks, Crafts, & Cons

Takenoko (called Chococones in English) from Meiji.
          Hiya, peeps! Giving some updates from here and there. You may have noticed that there was no Skoshbox Japanese snacks review this month. It wasn't because I didn't receive my box (they are shipped very promptly!) it's because I've just been progressively late with it for one reason and another. Looking at the value of those snack review posts though, I've decided to discontinue them. If I did video reviews for the snacks I think they would be more worthwhile, but text & a few photos, not so much. And I don't do videos so...there you go. I LOVE getting the little snack box each month, and encourage you to do so too if you like Asian treats or are curious about them. The box is only $12 a month (which includes shipping) and is really fun and yummy. Here's the link if you want to give it a shot: In future, if I discover a yummy snack or two that I love, I'll include a little something about it in an update/goings on post like this.

          If you follow me on Twitter, you may recall a while back that I mentioned I'd be reviewing several fiction food related cookbooks and trying a recipe or two from them. I haven't officially started that yet, but I did post about The Official Narnia Cookbook (re-released in ebook format) with accompanying Scotch egg recipe. I'll start the cookbook reviews this month (March), doing one review/recipe a month. Below you'll find the fiction related cookbooks I currently own, minus the newly released Eating Ooo: Recipes & Art Inspired by Pendleton Ward's Adventure Time (an unofficial cookbook) which just arrived in the mail a few days ago. These cookbooks are related to fandoms that either I or Smalls (or both of us) ascribe to. There are also a couple of cookbooks that I have that are only available in eBook format (like The Book Blogger's Cookbooks) that I'll review as well. I'm sure I'll acquire a few more before this year is up so we can keep the cookbook reviews going for a decent while.

Tiny figures from my fav. anime
 "Natsume's Book of Friends".
My little handmade toasties!
          In other news I've been doing some crafting, creating items that I'll eventually post for sale in my currently empty Etsy Shop "2ndStar2theRight". I've been drawing too and have several new designs up in my Zazzle shop "In2theWardrobe" that you can check out now. I've also been bitten by the toy/figure photography bug and have started a Tumblr to post my silly photos (it all started with those goofy geeky Valentines I did--I had so much fun!). The Tumblr, titled "little stuffs" in the spur of the moment, includes some food photos etc. but will predominately be for my toy/figure pictures and will not include any reblogs (so it'll kind of be like a photo blog or a portfolio). I've also been getting ready to attend a couple of cons (Kraken Con in April & Big Wow Comic Fest in May), just as a patron, not as a fandom food guest or anything (scarrry!) and will be dressing up as a BMO-esque person. Like, wearing teal colors (shirt & skirt) & wearing some handmade BMO jewelry and a handmade hair clip. I might even make a little shoulder bag to go along with the theme. So nothing major, but fun and creative. And there's going to be a little maid/butler cafe at Kraken Con! Very excited for that. I'll definitely take some picture to share.

          So that about sums everything up for this little diary entry. Thanks for reading. Until next time! And don't forget to sign up for my newsletter (located in the right sidebar) if you haven't already so you can get my Monday fiction food recipes sent to your inbox!

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