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March 26, 2014

"Sailor Moon" Waffles Bows!

          Happy International Waffle Day (3/25)! To celebrate I came up with this easy-peasy "Sailor Moon" waffle bow how-to! The butter-apple-cherry "brooch" is based on Sailor Moon's first transformation brooch in the 90s anime.

Note: For the size of things–the cutters and cut-out food–just eyeball it. I used the cap from a spice jar to cut the right-sized circles for the size of bow I cut from the waffles. And then I had a circle cookie cutter that was just a little bit smaller than the cap that made the perfect-sized crescent moon apple cut-outs to put on top of the butter circles. So use what you have and what jives together size-wise.

Sailor Moon Waffle Bows
Waffles (homemade or Eggo. I used Eggo)
1 Stick Butter, chilled/hardened
1 Large Apple
Maraschino Cherries

Important Items:
Large Bow Cookie Cutter (I found mine on Ebay. Or you can simply cut out a bow shape using a knife.)
2 Small Circle Cookie Cutters or Caps, one a little smaller than the other

1. Cut large bow shapes out of the waffles. Cut square slices from the butter stick & then cut out circles using the larger cap or cookie cutter. Place the butter circles on the center of the waffle bows. Lay the apple on its side & slice. Using the smaller circle cutter cut circles from the slices & then cut those circles again to make little crescent moons. Place the moons near the bottom edges of the butter circles. Remove the stems from several cherries & then cut the cherries in half. Pat the cut cherries with a paper towel to get rid of any excess juice. Place the cherry halves on top of the butter circles, just above the crescent moons. Squeeze a little bit of syrup on the waffles on either side of the butter brooches. These waffle bows are great to eat folded like a taco!

The Sailor Moon & Luna figures are from S. H. Figuarts, Bandai Tamashii.

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