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November 4, 2014

Honeyed Lemon Slices | Big Hero 6

          Honey Lemon (voiced by Genesis Rodriguez) is a fashionista chemistry genius with a bubbly personality. She carries a heavy duty, on-the-go chemistry set inside her purse that pops out colorful balls of destruction when needed. In the original Big Hero 6 Marvel comics run, on which Disney's "Big Hero 6" is loosely based, Honey's real name is Aiko Kiyazaki. She chose the nickname Honey Lemon after her favorite TV show.

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          Lemons and honey are a common combination throughout Asia, in large part, due to the associated health benefits of cold remedy, digestion aide, weight loss, and more. Because of their frequent use, honeyed lemons have made their way into various anime, manga, and dramas.

Honey Lemon's Honeyed Lemon Slices

2-3 Lemons (or more, depending on the size of your container), washed
1 Jar of Honey (or large squeezie bear)

Important Items:
Glass Jar, washed well in hot water OR a plastic container of your choosing.

1. Cut off & discard the ends of the lemons & then slice them into about 1/8" thick circles & remove the seeds. Layer 4 slices in the jar & then pour in enough honey to cover them. Continue to layer several lemon slices at a time, pouring in more honey every so often to cover them. Once the slices reach the top of the jar, pour in enough honey to reach the top & then press down on the slices to get rid of as much air as you can & let the honey get into all of the nooks & crannies. Close the lid tightly & shake the jar. Place in the fridge overnight. The honey will breakdown in the acid of the lemons & you'll get a wonderful, lemonade-like liquid concentrate.
2. Shake the jar again & remove the lemon slices with a fork. You can do many things with the lemons: eat them as is (well, not all at one time!), use them in cooking or baking, wrap them in plastic & freeze & then use them like ice cubes. You can also dredge the slices in granulated sugar, lay them on a parchment paper-lined baking tray, & then bake at 275ºF for 40-50 mins, until dry. The honey/lemon liquid can be added to cold water or soda water or your favorite tea or various other drinks. Pour it into a little bowl & pop it in the freezer until you get a honey lemon ice-y or pour the liquid into an ice cube tray & make ice cubes to plop into your drinks. Get creative!

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