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November 3, 2014

Food Adventures Diary #5: Big Hero 6, Podcast, & Moving

          Hi, all! It's been such a long time since I've done a little update, but pretty much things have been the same old, same old. There has been something of note that I've been working on which I'll talk about further down, but first: "BIG HERO 6" WEEK!

          I've been sooooo looking forward to "Big Hero 6", since the first images were released online, and now it's finally here! The movie releases in the US this Friday, Nov. 7th and I want to share my love and excitement for the film the best way I know how–through food! One of the awesome things about "Big Hero 6", loosely based on a short Marvel comics series of the same name, aside from being a fusion of Japanese culture and motifs with the West, is that many of the characters have food names! There's Honey Lemon, Go Go Tomago (a corruption of tamago, Japanese for egg), Wasabi-no-Ginger ("no" being a particle in Japanese), and Mochi the cat! Also, there's Aunt Cass Hamada who owns, and lives above, The Lucky Cat Cafe with her nephew Hiro, the main character of the story, along with his puffy, marshmallow of a robot, Baymax. Anywho, I'll be posting a "Big Hero 6" character inspired recipe every day this week, plus a few on my Tumblr, starting tomorrow, with a roundup next Sunday. I hope you enjoy! Click here to go to the official "Big Hero 6" website.

Day 1: Baymax Caramel Apples

          The super secret thing I've been working a podcast called "Fiction Kitchen"! An awesome lady across the country, Carrie Rashid of "Witchy Kitchen", found me online by searching for fiction food people, and invited me to be a cohost with her on a podcast about food from fiction! We've been working on the podcast, and everything that goes along with it, from the ground up, for some time now and have finally posted our first episode! It's all about the foods in "The Game of Thrones"–after introductions, of course, being our first episode–and concludes with us talking about our own recipes recreating two foods from the show (*whispers* I did wolf bread!). So it's basically us being awkward and nervous, chatting about food and trying to remember the things we want to say. It should be entertaining. Please click the image to the left to check it out.

          The last thing I thought I'd mention is that I'll be moving come the beginning of December. Being a military family means we change locale every so often, so we'll be driving from California, cross-country, to Maryland. With me and B driving, and Smalls and Moon (our beautiful cat) in the back seat, it'll probably take about 5 days. Sooo, I'm working really hard to not only make posts for November (including the week-long treats for "Big Hero 6") but also for the whole month of December which has five Mondays. I guess I'm telling you this so that 1. you can pray for me (I LOVE to make food, but needing to make so much, plus all of the photos and editing and post creating and working on the podcast and taking care of Smalls on my own currently, as well as getting the house in order for the move–it can get a bit stressful and tiring, whew!) and 2. you can have patience with me if something goes wonky or late or, I don't know, just if something goes wrong social media-wise. Something wonderful about the move though is, not only the adventure of moving and a living in a new place, but being closer to my folks! Finally! I haven't seen them in four years! We'll be only about two and a half hours away from the beautiful, family farm I grew up on, and I can't wait to make fiction foods in the kitchen with my mom and sister. We've got some fun ones planned already.

          I want to say thank you for being awesome and for visiting my site and enjoying the recipes I work so hard on. I'll continue to make more foods and hopefully my little family and I will make it to our new home in one piece! I can't wait to inhabit a new kitchen (*fingers crossed* ample counter space, ample counter space...).

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