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March 30, 2015

Star Butterfly's Magic Wand from "Star vs. the Forces of Evil"

          Hooray! Today is the official premiere of the new Disney XD show "Star vs. the Forces of Evil" by the awesome Daron Nefcy! I've watched the first two episodes (comprising four stories) several times now on the Disney and Disney XD apps and COMPLETELY LOVED THEM and I'm so excited that the season is officially starting now. I love the character designs and Star's outfits, of course, and the opening and closing music, and the humor, and such sparkly, random, wild magic! Magical girls fahevaah!

          Star's wand looks the way it does because it transformed according to her personality. Check out this video from Disney XD with Daron Nefcy and the cast of "Star vs. the Forces of Evil" talking about what their wands would look like. Mine would probably look like a whisk with sparkles or like a swiss army kitchen tool or something. Or simply what's pictured in this post. I mean, it's completely edible. Yeah, my wand would probably be food and it sadly wouldn't last very long. ((How about a pepperoni personal pan pizza wand that grew back every time I took a bite?))

Star Butterfly's Magic Wand

Ingredients (per wand):
2 Circle Sugar Cookies, cooled, either from a mix or homemade
1 Pretzel Rod
~1 Cup Purple Candy Melts
EZ-Dipping Aid/Paramount Crystals (optional)
5 Tiny Pink Heart Sprinkles
Cookie Frosting (optional)
Light Blue
Dark Blue
Marshmallow Rectangle (recipe here) about 1/2" thick x ~6" long x ~3.5" wide 

Important Items:
Parchment Paper
3 Circle Cookie Cutters of slightly descending size (the largest being the same size as your cookies)
2 Star Cookie Cutters, 1 smaller than the other, making sure the larger star is about the same size as the small circle cutter.
Small Heart Cookie Cutter

1. From the marshmallow, cut a circle the same size as your cookies. Cut one wing & then flip the cutter over & cut a second wing. Using the base (non-feather side) of the wing cutter, cut a notch on either side of the marshmallow circle, near the bottom, & then fit/gently press the wings into those notches so you end up with a circle with wings that is all one layer (I'll add pictures of this soon, I realize that it might be a little confusing to visualize). Place the pretzel rod on the center of the circle, wings on either side, about 1/4" down from the top edge. Cut around the rod & then lift up the rod & remove the cut marshmallow form underneath (go ahead & eat it). Cover the winged marshmallow circle with non-stick sprayed plastic wrap until ready to use.
2. Lay out a sheet of parchment paper on a flat surface. Heat the candy melts in either the microwave at 30 second intervals or on the stove in a double boiler, adding a little bit of EZ-Dipping Aid to make the melt more dip-able. Dip the tops & edges of the cookies into the melt & gently tap to let the excess melt drip off. Place on the parchment paper to harden. Hold the pretzel rod over the bowl & spoon several layers of candy melt up & down its length, not worrying about the part you are holding. Lay the coated rod on the parchment to harden as well.
3. Pick which coated cookie you'd like to be the bottom & flip it over, coated-side down. Spread a small amount of candy melt on it & then place the winged-marshmallow-circle on top (prettiest side of the marshmallow facing up). Dip the as-of-yet un-dipped end of the pretzel rod into the melt & then fit it into the notch you cut earlier in the marshmallow circle. Spread a little more melt over the top of the circle & rod & then affix the second dipped cookie to top it all off. Let it all sit for a few minutes to solidify & then spoon/spread a little purple melt around the edges of the marshmallow center so no white is left showing. Let sit again to harden.
4. Roll the yellow fondant to about 1/16" thickness & cut out the large star & medium circle. Use a small sharp knife to cut out a three pointed crown shape & set it aside to harden a little. Use the small star cutter to gently press in the middle of the large star cut-out, making sure to not go all the way through–you just want to make an indentation. Look at the images in the post & use a toothpick to replicate the lines you can see pressed into the star. Next, using melt or some cookie icing, attach the yellow circle to the top of the cookie wand. Cut a small piece of yellow to wrap around the bottom tip of the wand, securing it with more melt or using cookie icing. Roll a small "rope" of yellow fondant to wrap around the edge of the piece you just put on (please see the pictures in this post for a visual).
5. Roll the light blue fondant to the same thickness & cut a circle using the smallest cutter. Secure that on top of the yellow circle. Break off a small piece of light blue & fashion it into a flat butterfly/bow shape & attach it to the pretzel rod just under the cookies (see pictures). Cut out a small heart & let it harden a little.
6. Roll out the dark blue fondant & place the large star on top of it. Cut around the star from point to point, creating a pentagon. Affix the pentagon on top of the light blue circle & then attach the large star on top of that. Cut 5 little triangles from the dark blue & then attach them around the star as shown in the pictures.
7. Using melt or icing, stick the 5 tiny pink hearts on each of the dark blue triangles. Use melt to affix the crown to the top of the wand, holding it in position for a minute until it solidifies in place. Make an indentation in the yellow fondant at the bottom of the wand for the little light blue heart to nestle nicely, & then use cookie icing to "glue" the heart on. You'll need to prop it up to it will stay in position as the icing dries (or, I suppose, if you had a tiny bit of yellow melt you could use that to speed up the process). Now your wand it done & you are ready to fight evil and create laser-eyed puppies!


  1. I was googling how to make Star Butterfly's wand for my daughter's Halloween costume, and came across this. So awesome!

    1. :) Thanks! And how cool that you're making a Star costume for your daughter!! Great parent!

  2. Any way I can make this NOT out of food? If you have an answer before halloween 2015, please e-mail me at


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