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June 28, 2018

Yu-topia Katsudon | Yuri!!! On Ice

(Originally published Jan. 2017 for Fiction Kitchen Podcast Episode 53: Yuri!!! On Ice.)
[Yuri's mom places the Yu-topia katsudon meal in front of Victor] 
Victor: Wow! Amazing! 
Yuri's Mom: Our specialty, katsudon, extra large! 
Victor [takes a bite]: Vkusno! Delicious! Too good for words! Is this what the gods eat? 
[Yuri's mom giggles & skips away in the background] 
Yuri [blushing]: I'm glad you like it. 
—"Yuri!!! on Ice", Episode 2

Yuri's Yu-topia Katsudon!

1 Pork Cutlet, about 1/2" thick
Salt & Pepper
1/4 Cup Flour
2 Eggs
1/4 Cup Panko
Oil for frying (I use canola oil)
1/4 Cup Dash Stock (1/2 tsp. dash powder dissolved in 1/4 cup water)
1/2 Tbsp. Soy Sauce
1 Tbsp. Aji Mirin
1/2 Tbsp. Sugar
1/4 Onion, julienned
1 Cup Cooked White Rice (or, however much you want)
1 Tbsp. Fresh or Frozen Peas (thawed)

In a heavy-bottomed pan, bring about 1" or so of canola oil to a steady 350ºF. Rinse the pork & pat it dry with a paper towel. Score with a sharp knife, & then sprinkle a little salt & pepper on both sides.

Put the flour, 1 egg (beaten), & panko crumbs into 3 seperate bowls. Dredge the pork cutlet in flour first, then dip in egg, & then coat well in panko. Reserve the unused egg for later in the recipe.

Carefully place the breaded cutlet into the heated oil. Cook until deep golden brown & crispy, turning to evenly cook both sides, about 4 mins total (make sure the temperature is stable!). Remove the tonkatsu to a paper towel-lined wire rack.

In a small pan, stir together the dashi stock, mirin, soy sauce, sugar, & cut onions. Simmer, stirring occasionally, until the sugar is dissolved & the onions are tender.

Beat the second egg with the left over egg you used for breading the cutlet.

Cut the tonkatsu into diagonal strips, about 3/4" wide. Slide the knife under the cut tonkatsu, & then slide the whole thing into the pan onto the sauce & onions. Pour the beaten egg over the tonkatsu, & then cover the pan & let cook until the eggs are set, about a minute or 2.

Put the cooked rice into a serving bowl, & then slide the contents of the pan onto the top of it. Sprinkle with peas & enjoy!

"I want to eat katsudon with you, Victor. I want to keep winning and keep on eating katsudon! So I'll skate to Eros! I'll give it all the Eros I've got!" 
—Yuri Katsuki, "Yuri!!! on Ice", Episode 2
Yuri: I'm going to become a super tasty katsudon, so please watch me! Promise! [Yuri & Victor hug] 
Victor: Of course. I love katsudon. 
Announcer [during Yuri's performance]: What a seductive step sequence. It's hard to believe he's imagining katsudon! 
Victor [after the performance, embracing Yuri]: Yuri! That was the tastiest katsudon I've ever seen! Wonderful! 
—"Yuri!!! on Ice", Episode 3
"I'm a katsudon fatale that enthralls men." 
—Yuri Katsuki, "Yuri!!! on Ice", Episode 3
Adorable "Yuri!!! on Ice" charm from Kami on Tictail! You can find Kami on Twitter & Tumblr.

*Listen to Fiction Kitchen Episode 53: Yuri!!! on Ice for a discussion on the food in the show!*

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