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June 21, 2016

Café Diary #6: Changes + Where to Find Me

          Hi, all! I hope this Summertime is treating you well. This update is in part to let you know that I'm discontinuing the every Monday recipe post schedule. I'll still be making fandom/fiction foods (my brain won't let me stop!), but at least for the time being there won't be set schedule.

          I started the once-a-week schedule officially a couple of years ago (though I was posting at least once a week since the blog started in 2013) to give myself more structure (a weekly goal) and to pace myself (from doing too much!). Combined with my other endeavors and responsibilities though, the weekly post schedule has become pretty stressful; it's so time and energy consuming–time and energy I can't afford to stretch so thin anymore (as Bilbo said, like "butter scraped over too much bread").

          For those who subscribe to my newsletter, you'll still receive an email when a new recipe is up on the blog, it just won't be weekly as it has been. Also, when the newsletter arrives, it won't necessarily be on a Monday, it'll be whatever day the recipe is posted.

          The other purpose of this post is to make sure you know where you can find me besides this blog. In addition to Fiction-Food Café, I co-host Fiction Kitchen Podcast with Carrie Rashid and we post twice a month (that schedule won't change). In each episode we discuss a different TV show, movie, or book along with our impressions of it and the food found in it. We also share recipes we've made (and I need to catch up on posting mine)! So you can look for me there if you're interested. We're just a couple of dorks who love finding food in our media ;).

          I'm very active on Instagram, and occasionally post short recipes or how-to's there (like today I posted about simple layered drinks inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, here and here) , along with food photos and quotes from various media I come across like books and comics. I also post pics of subscription boxes and other bits & bats from my life. Instagram is a lot of fun, I've discovered. It feels more candid and quick :).

          Speaking of food quotes, I often tweet quotes pertaining to food from the shows I watch, so follow me on Twitter to get in on that action. I also tweet & retweet about recipes from other creators in the fiction food community–there are some really rad people out there!

          I have a tumbler where I share some of my food pics and an occasional recipe (like Sabine's Starbird Pizza and little Tie Fighter treats for Star Wars)! That's also the place I'll post book menus, a.k.a. food lists from books I read (like this list from The Blackthorn Key by Kevin Sands).

          Some of the things I'll be working on are putting new designs in my Zazzle shop, creating new items for my Shopify shop, and mixing new tea blends. I'm part of a few book clubs so I'll be readingreadingreading. You can follow me on Goodreads here. For a year or so now I've been thinking of starting a recipe card subscription....maybe on Patreon....and I would love to do a cook book....that's definitely been knocking around in my brain for several years...
          Haha, anyway, there you have it. I'll still be very active doing fiction food stuff, among other things. I'm simply releasing myself from the once-a-week recipe post schedule (I'm free! I'm free!).

Thank you all so much for your support! 
I look forward to interacting with you here on the blog, and on my other social media :).


  1. Thank you so much for the insane consistency you've managed to keep up :> I love your blog and am looking forward to any future posts!

  2. Very sad to hear as I looked forward to your posts on a weekly basis; however, thanks for all the entries up until now and am happy for all the other ventures you'll be pursuing!

  3. Diana,

    Thanks so much for all your posts! I have found it miraculous that you've kept up the once a week postings as long as you have. This year I began a middle school book club and have found getting book related food together once a month a challenge. I appreciate anything you have yet to offer, but understand that you may choose other avenues for output and other adventures to explore.

  4. No Worries, as long as you don't completely dissapear I will still faithfully read these posts!


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