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March 29, 2013

Little Food Adventures Diary #1: Moving to Seaside, CA

Beef Bulgogi lettuce wrap
          Here's a little somethin'-somethin' about what I've been up to foodie-wise surrounding our big move to be with B in CA.

          Shortly before leaving Utah, I had lunch with a friend at a local Korean restaurant. I love Korean dramas and they very often feature food (because that's how cool the shows are and the creators understand the importance of food in story) so I'm always curious to try more Korean dishes. I remember lettuce wraps from a few of the dramas, maybe Princess Hours and definitely Aarang and the Magistrate (specifically pork), so that's what I ordered--bulgogi. I got the beef bulgogi and it was divine. It's like a meaty, lettuce taco with a hint of sweet. I'll try my hand at making it soon.

          Our journey to Seaside took us directly through the town of my awesome friend and former roommate Sugar Cookie, so how could I not make her home part of our trip? She is also a "Doctor Who" fan so we took the opportunity to make a couple desserts featured in the show, namely the ball bearing cupcakes of the Tenth Doctor and the jammy dodgers of the Eleventh. As you can see, we had no yellow cake mix on hand for the cupcakes, but tha's okay! You get the idea. Recipe posts will go up for these two treats in the near future.
Ball bearing cupcakes (10) & jammy dodgers (11). Who paper bookmarks by Beth Yates available here!
          Wee, Moon, and I have been in our new home for a week and still no stuff. The truck should be arriving any day now (any day...any day...) so in the meantime we've had fun with paper plates, etc. etc. and some very VERY quick and easy meals. We've made bacon pancakes a la "Adventure Time" (see post here or click the image below), tamagoyaki, or rolled eggs, featured in many anime and korean dramas, and tikka mahala from "Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch" using beef bits and tikka masala sauce from a jar. I'll post instructions soon on how to make the tamagoyaki and I'll post a recipe for tikka mahala too, but I want to make it again, this time with sauce from scratch instead of a jar. So stay-tuned!
Bacon pancakes
Tamagoyaki egg rolls + random extra
Tikka mahala (not masala)

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