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Food from "Avatar: The Last Airbender" & "The Legend of Korra".

          If you haven't noticed, both "Avatar: The Last Airbender" & it's sequel series "The Legend of Korra" are full of food drawn directly from, or inspired by, cultures from around the world (especially Asia). That's one of the things that make these series so wonderful; the detail and care that so obviously go on behind the scenes. I'd also like to thank the dedicated people who put together the "Cuisine in the World of Avatar" page on the "Avatar Wikia". I'll be pulling ideas from that list as well as making my own food observations from "Avatar" & "Korra" episodes. I hope you enjoy!

Water Tribes

Kale Cookies 5-Flavor Soup Seaweed Noodles

Fire Nation

Sizzle Crisps Flaming Fire Flakes

Earth Kingdom

Egg Custard Tart
Jook (Rice Porridge) Kalenutsco Smoothie

Air Nomads

Vegetarian Momo

Republic of Nations

Lychee Juice Varri-cakes Pro-Bending Popcorn

Spirit World

Raava's Spirit (of Light) Tea Spirit World Cake


  1. You are obviously an awesome person! We love The Last Airbender (Anime..the movie was severely lacking!) and Korra! We'll be trying these wonderful things...thanks for rocking awesome show foods! :D

  2. Awsome recipies I made the momo's last night and im making fire flakes right now you should make a air nomad fruit pie recipie that would be awsome

    1. Cool! Yes, fruit pies are on the list of "Avatar" foods I'm gonna make.

  3. Will you be making any more Avatar themed foods?? :)

    1. I plan on it! I've got so many other foods to make though that it might be a little while. Thank you for voicing your interest! That puts my waiting-in-the-wings Avatar foods higher on the List. :)

  4. Thank you for this amazing website ;) I love Avatar world and I wanna try your recipes as soon as possible! There could be even more of them :)


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